I had been having TMJ pain for multiple months and was only able to eat soft foods. After seeing a myofunctional therapist, she recommended a tongue tie release before starting therapy to help with my jaw pain. I had no idea of all the positive effects of having this small procedure! On my ride home from Pella to Des Moines, I could articulate words better; until this time, I'd always felt it took concentrated attention to speak clearly. Neck and upper back pain had become a normal part of life, which is now gone completely as well. Waking frequently at night and being awake for hours at a time was typical. Now, I'm sleeping much better. I anticipated that this was just the beginning of helping with my TMJ pain, so it took me by surprise when so many other things improved. This has enabled me to live life more fully and functionally.

Julie Y.

Dahm Dental really is a special place, and is unlike any dental office I have ever been in. I was absolutely amazed with how much your practice has to offer to your patients. You put so much thought into each treatment plan and making sure you're providing the best and most effective care to improve both your patient's health, and lives. You inspire me to want to do the same throughout my career. Thank you for being patient, thank you for all you taught me, and thank you for what you do every single day for your community.

Grace H. ~A student intern from Indian Hills

Dr. Jeff is AMAZING. His personality, knowledge and dedication makes it easy to trust him.

Eileen H.

Everyone makes things right even if you don't ask to be compensated. My original appointment was 10:10, but I was asked to come in at 10:00 and when I was in the waiting room I waited until 10:20 and they apologized for the wait and then gave me a $5 gift card for the inconvenience. I was not expecting anything and these guys really care about their patients. They always listen to your concerns and make the changes necessary to make a happy successful business. I have yet to see any unhappy employees and the service you will receive is amazing. Best dentist office I've ever been in. My child loves the dentist and he has been through some orthodontic issues that most kids would not love. The team there keeps kids happy and really knows how to calm fears and get kids excited to see the dentist. I'm very grateful to Dahm Dental.

April P.

My family and I trust Dahm Dental with all of our dental needs. The whole staff is always friendly and welcoming. My questions are always explained thoroughly. We love Nareza when it comes to cleaning our teeth and Dr. Jeff does a wonderful, fast job with our other needs.

Kristi K.

I had an appointment this morning for a crown prep. I was seated a few minutes before my actual appointment time. I was seen immediately by the assistant who prepped me for my local anesthetic. The anesthetic was given gently and painlessly. When I was thoroughly numb the procedure was started and finished in a shorter time than I had thought it might be. I was happy with all the services I received. Everyone from office staff to those assisting and performing the services were courteous and efficient. Dr. Dahm was his usual friendly professional self. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone needing dental care.

~Sue S. (October 2016)

After many years of being self-conscious about my smile due to an overbite and overlapping teeth, I decided to have a consult about having braces (preferably Invisalign). Due to all the correction needed, wire braces were my only option. After 5 years of various correction procedures I am now proud of my smile. Dr. Jeff and the staff were always prompt and very encouraging during each visit.

~Sandy V.S.

I know, through my own work experience, that working with the public can be trying at times, and sometimes it is difficult not to fall into a "negative" mode, which really does none of us any good. I am not sure whether a "negative" atmosphere shows its face when dealing with people, as much as a "positive" atmosphere does, or not. I am inclined to think not, but anyway, I would like to say that I am proud of everyone in your office, for creating and keeping that "positive" atmosphere, for all of us patients, because it truly does make a difference in the way we feel while we are there, and when we leave the office. I don't ever remember giggling several times during a dentist appointment, but couldn't help myself yesterday morning, as Dr. Dahm moved through the office, greeting, reassuring, and caring for people. The girls who helped me through the x-rays, molds, and other necessary procedures were awesome, as well! "Good Job", "You're doing great", etc., while in a place where most people are a little uncomfortable, at best, is so nice to hear. And, when I was confused about just where in my mouth my filling would go, the girls were so kind in explaining that they really were going to work on the correct tooth. LOL! I am running on here, but I think too often in business, the main feedback that people get, is the negative stuff. I have always tried to counter that, by letting people know when I really do appreciate what they have done "for" me, instead of "to" me, and I will be the first to admit that trust does not always come easy for me - just the way I am. And, I feel that an establishment's "true colors" show in instances like I had yesterday, when I needed some reassurance that everything was okay. I am so appreciative of the way everyone handled that (sorry that I took up precious time), but now I know, that if/when I truly do need help, it will be there, and given in a kind and understanding manner. That means a LOT to me! So, in closing, in the middle of the night, during my usual "awake" time, I just kept thinking WOW! I just don't know of a better way to express my feelings! And, of course, THANK YOU to everyone in that office, because it takes every person in an environment like that to maintain a caring and positive atmosphere! I notice and I appreciate all of it, and I would recommend anyone I know to become a patient there!

Pam B.

I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the Dahm Dental office. Seldom does one "look forward" to attending a dentist (sorry Dr. Jeff!), but my attitude toward dental visits have been changed for the positive. Thank you!

~Darrell D. (September 2016)

I was super impressed with Dr. Jeff and his staff! He is extremely knowledgeable. I have been to many different dentists and have never had certain things checked like Dr. Jeff did. He was very thorough and took a very good amount of time with the appointment. I am very happy we chose to go to Dr. Jeff!

~Bethany H. (August 2016)

I am so impressed with Dr. Jeff's knowledge and professionalism. He even makes a root canal painless.

~Teresa J. (June 2016)

I have been coming to y'all for many years, and I have never had anything less than a great experience. I have been referring people to you even if it means they have to make the drive from a different town.

~Doris S. (May 2016)

Keeping up with family tradition! As always, my visit was great today. It's like going to family, besides Dahm's are family to me; they want to know about you, and you are treated like it too. Service is always first class in my book, as it has for 42 years. Our family has been going here for a very long time and so can yours.

~Curtis V. (June 2016)

I appreciate that the appointment was on time and efficiently done. Ruth Ann gave some very good brushing/flossing tips! Also I want to thank the entire staff at Dahm Dental for the card following the Klompen 5K. It meant a lot to me and was a great encouragement to keep running!

~Lisa G. (June 2016)

I am once again so happy that I found Dahm Dental. I am terrified of going to a dentist, but I am treated with such great care, kindness, and compassion. What a fantastic group of people! I thank you so very much!

~Diana R. (May 2016)

Dr. Jeff Dahm and his staff have always provided excellent service to me and my family. I would not consider going anywhere else! Dahm Dental truly provides a comfortable atmosphere and a personal level of interaction that feels more like being at home with family and friends, as opposed to a being at a Dental practice.

~Jesse U. (April 2016)

Nobody loves going to the dentist but the people who work at Dahm Dental make it as enjoyable as possible. They are super-friendly, concerned and caring. Going to see my hygienist is like visiting a friend. The ladies at the front desk are always ready with a smile and do their best to accommodate your schedule and budget.

~Laura W. (April 2016)

Best Dental Care Ever!!! I was very impressed with how professional and caring the staff was. The dentist took the time to show me x-rays and explain everything about them. The staff is not pushy, they make suggestions and leave you to decide what is best for you. I also took my 3 year old there and they are AMAZING with children!!! My son asks when we will go to the dentist again quite often. I am very grateful to have found an honest dentist.

~April P. (March 2016)

We just had our first experience at Dahm Dental and it was fantastic!! Everyone was super nice and put my daughter at ease. It was a very nice place and we will definitely be back!

~Amber T. (February 2016)

Every visit I am greeted with friendly smiles and genuine concern for the health of my smile. The dental hygienists are very friendly and take excellent care in cleaning my teeth. If any concerns arise, Dr. Dahm provides a very thorough explanation of the issue and treatment options. Dr. Jim cleaned my teeth when I was a little girl. Now, I live an hour away and still drive back for regular cleanings with Dr. Jeff. When you find yourself an excellent dentist, it's worth the drive.

~Jennifer W. (January 2016)

This was my first visit to Dahm Dental and I was very pleased! Everyone there was extremely friendly and welcoming. I could tell they all knew exactly what they were talking about and everyone explained what they were doing at all times to keep me informed.

~Tyler V. (July 2015)

I would highly recommend Dahm Dental to anyone! The staff are not only friendly and helpful, but professional and highly skilled as well. The atmosphere is great! My kids enjoy going to the dentist just because everyone there is so fun and nice!

~Anonymous (July 2015)

I have been going to Dahm Dental for around 27 years. It is the only place my kids ever felt comfortable around a dentist!! They are grown now, but still are going to Dr. Jeff, and he also sees my grandchildren! I would highly recommend Dahm Dental to anyone, where your not just a patient, you are made to feel like family!!

~Cresty L. (January 2015)

I definitely would recommend Dahm Dental. This is the first time I have needed to be seen without having an appointment scheduled in advance. I was amazed that I was able to be seen the same day. I thought for sure I was going to have to have my tooth pulled. Dr. Dahm smoothed the roughness where the piece had broken off and explained my options for future care, if needed. Dahm Dental cares about their patients. It's a nice change to have a dentist who isn't all about making money. Thank you for seeing me today!

~Laura W. (October 2014)

I was greeted with a smile and had great friendly service from a dedicated staff. There is something special about local people who are willing to study the sciences, come back to their own hometown, offering such excellent care.

~Iris V. (October 2014)