Cambodia Dental Trip 2015

Several years ago, I read an article in the University of Iowa, College of Dentistry newsletter about an orthodontist from Clinton, Iowa, who travels to Cambodia to provide dental care for orphans.  The article and pictures touched me deeply, and I kept it for more than a year but finally tossed it out.  A few years later, my wife and I hosted a Central College student we met at church, who "by chance" was this orthodontist's daughter!  

I was touched by her stories of Cambodia and by the divinely coordinated events that brought us together!  I am confident that God opened the door for this dental service trip to Cambodia, not to mention that I was able to share it with two of my oldest sons who are both considering careers in the field of dentistry.  

On the last day of the trip, we visited "S-21/The Tuol Sleng Prison", an interrogation, torture, and execution center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where the Communist Party of Kampuchea (Khymer Rouge) imprisoned their people and committed atrocities from 1975 - 1979.  We were able to visit with Chum Mey, one of the 7 people to survive this center.  His wife and children did not.  Today, he tells his story to all who will listen and helps provide aid for those recovering from the Killing Fields of Cambodia. (see last picture)

There are many orphans in

There are over 100 FCOP
"Four Square Children of Promise"
Christian Orphanages in Cambodia.

Most orphans have lost one
or both of their parents to
illness, disease and accidents.

11 orphanages were transported
by truck during the week.

The average orphanage was 25-35
children plus caretakers.

Tooth decay is very bad in
Cambodia.  Children chew on
sugar cane as a snack.


Each patient was screened for age,
weight, and health problems.

Then, each patient was triaged for
dental needs and given a rank for
treatment.  Easy patients were first!

After a prayer of blessing for each
child, dental treatment began.

Dentistry is intense work, and the hot
temperatures made it more challenging.

God granted us the strength to care
for each patient!

The Reward!

Sterilizing Instruments

Sterilizing Instruments

Sterilizing Instruments

Painting the Church

Painting the Church

Teaching Music

Teaching Music

Experiencing Love!

One of the orphanages we served.

Another one of the orphanages 
we served.

A blessed orphanage that we served
during the week.

One of the several orphanages that
we served throughout the week.


The Market


Survivor from the Killing Fields in 



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