Kendra's Story

 Meet Kendra

Kendra is Dr. Jeff's niece and we did an evaluation on her when she was 9 1/2 years old.  The main concern for Kendra was crowding and the potential for her upper left canine to be impacted.  The following x-ray shows these concerns.

The upper left canine is higher up and needs to be guided in the right path to erupt into the correct position.  We placed braces on her front teeth and advanced them to make room for the canines.  We also removed some of the baby teeth for more room.  The following x-ray shows where the canines are at after moving the front 4 teeth forward and removing 4 baby teeth.

At this point all of her teeth are in and we have braces on all of her teeth.  There is plenty of room for the canine to come in, we exposed the tooth and used elastics to help it erupt.

Kendra's class I skeletal and dental platform helped this case progress well.  She ended with a beautiful smile; wonderful face and lip profile, a solid occlusion that should last her a lifetime. I, as her uncle, will enjoy "this case" for the rest of my life!


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