Healthy Smiles Club


Our Goal

Dahm Dental's Healthy Smiles Club encourages children to work for a healthy happy smile and excellent dental health.  At your child's dental health visit, we will grade them in different areas in order to help them improve their dental health.  For your child to qualify for the Healthy Smiles Club, they must have no new cavities or "watch spots", good oral hygiene and no gingivitis or bleeding gums.  If they are missing the mark in any of these areas, we will help them and you gain the skills and knowledge to reach our goal for each of our patients' optimum dental health!

Who is Part of the Healthy Smiles Club?

If your child qualifies for the Healthy Smiles Club, they will get to place their name on our smile club board for the month. They will also be entered into a fun drawing for a monthly prize and with your permission, will be featured on our website.  

What Do I Benefit from being a Part of the Healthy Smiles Club?

We are passionate about oral health and want all our patients to have optimum dental health.  We also know that starting good habits early in life will result in a lifetime of dental health and stability.  We will do everything we can to help you and your child learn these habits and learn to make healthy choices for their dental health for a lifetime!


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