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Dr. Jeff Dahm
is a 1987 graduate of Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1991 and completed a residency program at the University of North Carolina in 1992. After completing his residency program, he joined his dad, Dr. Jim, in practice in 1992.

 "My goal is to treat you with the utmost respect as a person and as a patient of our Pella dentist office. We encourage open and honest conversations regarding dental health care and any special needs that you may have.We strive to provide the highest quality of dental care available, while avoiding treatment fads and gimmicks. We want our work to be long lasting, durable and pleasing in appearance. At Dahm Dental we believe it's a privilege to be your choice of Pella dentists, and it is our goal to provide you with the same care that we would provide for our family members, for ourselves and for all members of the Pella, Iowa community."

Dr. Jim Dahm is a 1957 graduate of Central College in Pella. He then received his physical therapy degree from the University of Iowa in 1958. He practiced physical therapy for 4 years and then attended The University of Iowa College of Dentistry and graduated in 1966. He spent two years as a dentist in the public health service, serving as the dentist in the Marion Penitentiary in southern Illinois. In 1968 He bought a dental practice from Dr. Dick Roush in Pella and has practiced here since that time.  Dr. Jim retired from dentistry in 2017.


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After many years of being self-conscious about my smile due to an overbite and overlapping teeth, I decided to have a consult about having braces (preferably Invisalign). Due to all the correction needed, wire braces were my only option. After 5 years of various correction procedures I am now proud of my smile. Dr. Jeff and the staff were always prompt and very encouraging during each visit.

~Sandy V.S.

I had an appointment this morning for a crown prep. I was seated a few minutes before my actual appointment time. I was seen immediately by the assistant who prepped me for my local anesthetic. The anesthetic was given gently and painlessly. When I was thoroughly numb the procedure was started and finished in a shorter time than I had thought it might be. I was happy with all the services I received. Everyone from office staff to those assisting and performing the services were courteous and efficient. Dr. Dahm was his usual friendly professional self. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone needing dental care.

~Sue S. (October 2016)

I know, through my own work experience, that working with the public can be trying at times, and sometimes it is difficult not to fall into a "negative" mode, which really does none of us any good. I am not sure whether a "negative" atmosphere shows its face when dealing with people, as much as a "positive" atmosphere does, or not. I am inclined to think not, but anyway, I would like to say that I am proud of everyone in your office, for creating and keeping that "positive" atmosphere, for all of us patients, because it truly does make a difference in the way we feel while we are there, and when we leave the office. I don't ever remember giggling several times during a dentist appointment, but couldn't help myself yesterday morning, as Dr. Dahm moved through the office, greeting, reassuring, and caring for people. The girls who helped me through the x-rays, molds, and other necessary procedures were awesome, as well! "Good Job", "You're doing great", etc., while in a place where most people are a little uncomfortable, at best, is so nice to hear. And, when I was confused about just where in my mouth my filling would go, the girls were so kind in explaining that they really were going to work on the correct tooth. LOL! I am running on here, but I think too often in business, the main feedback that people get, is the negative stuff. I have always tried to counter that, by letting people know when I really do appreciate what they have done "for" me, instead of "to" me, and I will be the first to admit that trust does not always come easy for me - just the way I am. And, I feel that an establishment's "true colors" show in instances like I had yesterday, when I needed some reassurance that everything was okay. I am so appreciative of the way everyone handled that (sorry that I took up precious time), but now I know, that if/when I truly do need help, it will be there, and given in a kind and understanding manner. That means a LOT to me! So, in closing, in the middle of the night, during my usual "awake" time, I just kept thinking WOW! I just don't know of a better way to express my feelings! And, of course, THANK YOU to everyone in that office, because it takes every person in an environment like that to maintain a caring and positive atmosphere! I notice and I appreciate all of it, and I would recommend anyone I know to become a patient there!

Pam B.

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